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Adjani Tristesse
Name: Adjani Tristesse
Server: Lanys T`Vyl (retired)
Personal Website: www.alundraadjani.com
Personal Email: adjani at alundraadjani.com
Personal Icon:

Name: Brierlea
Server: Zebuxoruk
Guild: Awakened Spirit
Personal Website: www.brierlea.com
Personal Email: brierlea at brierlea.com
Mention EQPA for $5 off my commission rate, PLUS I'll donate $5 to EQPA for site upkeep.

Name: Confuzzed NoMoure (Fuzzy)
Server: Quellious
Guild: Lotus Cult
Personal Website: passingfancies.bejazzd.com
Personal Email: maria1879 at aol.com

Name: Zylee Seraphim
Server: The Tribunal
Guild: None
Personal Website: members.cox.net/cythera/dolls/
Personal Email: zyleeseraphim at cox.net

Flute Concerto
Name: Flute Concerto
Server: E'Ci
Guild: Forlorn
Personal Website: http://www.geocities.com/fluteconcerto/
Personal Email: angela-adams at sbcglobal.net
Personal Icon:

Name: Kaleyn
Server: Quellious
Guild: Lotus Cult
Personal Website: thedrawingboard.bejazzd.com
Personal Email: mary at bejazzd.com
Personal Icon:

Kritta Didymus
Name: Kritta Didymus
Server: E'Ci
Personal Website: www.iagal.com/ecitinker
"Professional" Website: www.tinkering.org
Personal Email: ecitinker at hotmail.com

Name: Lasairduan Druman`draoi
Server: Prexus
Guild: Divinus Ordo Animus
Personal Website: www.eq-doa.com
Personal Email: steve at keepyoursanity.com

Name: Leiane Starchild
Server: Brell Serilis
Personal Website: Coming Soon!
Personal Email: Coming soon!

Name: Lirana Lorelei Lefunq
Server: Lanys T'vyl
Guild: N/A
Personal Website: http://home1.gte.net/res18t6c/
Personal Email: lanyslirana at yahoo.com
Personal Icon:

Name: Lleanna Tekhen'Dridel
Server: Solusek Ro
Guild: Sun Clan of Warriors
Personal Website: Art By Lleanna
Personal Email: Lleanna at sunclan.net
Personal Icon:
Any EQPA supporter donating $40 or more can contact me regarding a free commissioned signature cartoon!
Fine print: (Donation claims subject to verification by our EQPA accountant)

Name: Lylliae Ador'Althea
Server: Vazaelle
Guild Website: www.eternaladvocates.com
Personal Website: N/A
Personal Email: N/A

Name: Lyssara Azuremyst
Server: Solusek Ro
Personal Website: http://lysslair.fateback.com
Personal Email: lyssara_a at hotmail.com

Name: Mapetite Etoile`demort
Server: Nameless - Retired
Guild: Red Eye Express - Retired
Personal Website: www.digital-insanity.com
Personal Email: admin at digital-insanity.com

Name: Muse
Server: The Tribunal
Guild: N/A
Personal Website: www.pixelle.ca
Personal Email: dani at pixelle.ca
Personal Icon:

Name: Neilani Lauste
Server: Tholuxe Paells
Guild: Acropolis
Personal Website: www.iagal.com/neilani
Personal Email: neilani at hotmail.com
Personal Icon:

Name: Pedi Dustyboots
Server: Vazaelle
Guild: N/A
Personal Website: N/A
Personal Email: pedi at cbrmail.com

Name: Phalia Kordain
Website: Phalia's Toybox
E-mail: sensen00 at netscape.net
Personal Icon:

Name: Raene WolfRunner
Server: Zebuxoruk
Guild: Lumiere Divine
Personal Website: 2amstudios.com/eq/dollz/whois.htm
Personal Email: raene at 2amstudios.com
Personal Icon:

Name: Saraney
Server: Lanys T'Vyl
Guild: Iris
Personal Email: Alisonpv at nycap.rr.com

Name: Silaar Ghostdancer, aka Dragoness
Server: Zebuxoruk
Guild: Morgan's Privateers
Website: www.ladyofdragons.com/~lair
Personal Icon:

Name: Tadashya DeLaCour
Server: Retired
Personal Email: tadanya at hotmail.com
Personal Website: www.jsantart.com
Personal Icon:

Name: Tuiren Isengrim
Server: Mithaniel Marr
Guild: Eviternity
Personal Website: http://www.geocities.com/robinreedgreen/tuirenspage.html
Personal Email: rcgreen at sbcglobal.net

Name: Veirna Vin`Tyda
Server: Maelin Starpyre
Guild: Hammer of Retribution
Personal Email: vexiphne at hotmail.com

Name: Wosi
Personal Email: lady_lunacy at hellokitty.com

Name: Zoal Mel'Vanwa
Server: Innoruuk
Personal Website: Soon to be developed
Personal Email: Soon to be developed

I'd like to offer a very heartfelt thank you to several folks in the Tholuxe Paells community who helped me IMMENSELY in gathering screenshots to complete this project Without your help, we'd be left with naked dwarves, ogres, trolls, iksar, and vah shir!

Anos (lookin' sexy as ever as my chain and leather model), Boggrog (you have the patience of a saint, darlin... thank you, and I promise not to speak of the dirty things we did during the photo shoot), Aramythy & Felynia (you two reminded me that there is such a thing as a kind stranger--three HOURS they let me shoot them!), Jadestorm (another kind stranger!), Jisi (who I suspect is not only a dear friend, but the only damn full plate wearing iksar female on TP!), Amaranthine (nothing like running into old friends), Xasuliz (nothin' like a sexy bare lizard chest!), Ilaas for providing screenshots of the pally epic and necro epics, Baccas for finding me a nice b/l epic shot, and numerous others who were shot without their knowledge.

Many thanks also to my guildmates in Acropolis who endured my regular requests for pictures and information about all their armors (and likewise my ability to contribute absolutely nothing meaningful to raiding efforts while immersed in this project)!

An additonal thanks to those who continue to sell banded mail, fine plate, and leather items in the Bazaar for a reasonable price. My bank has now turned from a pantry into a dress-up closet!

Lastly, a particularly special thank you to all the people in the Norrath's Studio, EQ Women, and other communities who kept us going with words of encouragement and excitement. It is for all of you that we did this, and we certainly couldn't have done it without you.


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